Dear Community Members,


Assalam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahe Wa Barakatuhu,


We just said goodbye to 2017 a couple of days ago and welcomed 2018. The end of each year is actually the beginning of a new one and is a perfect time to focus on working towards a new beginning. The Islamic Center of Yorba Linda (ICYL) board would like to remind ourselves and the whole community to leave behind with the year gone by any negative feelings, attitude and focus on forgiveness and new beginnings. We would like to request that we begin the New Year with Peace, Harmony, Love and Unity amongst ourselves and towards the whole of humanity.


As you might all know that Alhamdulillah, we have been presented with a remarkable opportunity to acquire a church property and convert it to the Islamic Center of Yorba Linda. The property is about 3.2 acres with an existing building structure of about 14,000sf.  ICYL has submitted an offer of $4.25 Million Dollars to purchase the property and is aggressively working with the seller to convince them they should chose us. We understand that the seller has received multiple offers and some of them are higher than ours. However, we have presented them with very favorable terms. The seller has informed us that they intend to ask for a Best and Final offer within a week or so. We expect to get their final response within the next two to three weeks. The building is pretty much in a move in condition with some minor upgrades. With the help of Allah(swt), if the seller accepts our offer, we should be able to start praying at our new ICYL location as soon as March 2018 In Sha Allah.


Once we know that our offer has been accepted we will be moving forward with the sale of the current ICYL land. We already have three interested parties who are willing to purchase the land. Currently we have a guaranteed offer of $1.6M (price ICYL paid for the land) which means ICYL money is secure. However, we will test the market and try to maximize the sale price and are hopeful that we will be successful in receiving better offers.

With the current funds in hand, some outstanding and new pledges and the value of the ICYL land we will have close to 70% of the total funds needed for the purchase, closing costs and improvement costs of the church property. We would need to raise approximately $2M dollars. We are confident that with the help of Allah(swt) and our strong community we will be able to raise this money in a short time.


ICYL and the community at large have been faced with many challenges in the past few months. However, with the support of our community we have been successful in adjusting and overcoming those challenges. Currently there is concern about our current location of praying at the LDS church. As we all know our respected Sheikh Harmoush has on many occasions stated that this should not be a concern to the community and he is available to anybody who would like to discuss this matter. One of our community members reached out to Mufti Saleem  today and he assured him that there was no problem in praying at the church location. In addition, we are also reaching out to our other local Imams and Shayookh to try to alleviate this concern.

Our humble request to the community is to have faith in Allah(swt) and to work together as one and not to break up in smaller groups. We truly believe that there is no problem that we can’t solve with dialogue and working together.

May Allah(swt) shower His blessings upon all of us and the whole humanity and make 2018 the best year for all. Ameen!



Board of ICYL

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