Assalam Alaikum,

We have great news to share. Please read the entire message and the flyer completely. We will begin tonight with Isha prayer (9:35 pm) and also have Fajr prayer tomorrow (4:45 am) in ICYL’s MPR! The day is finally here after careful deliberation and preparation. There will be a capacity issue so we ask you to keep that in mind as we may have to turn people away for any prayer that has too many attendees. If we get the same number of people we used to get for daily prayers we will not have a capacity issue.

We are planning to hold Jummah prayers starting this Friday. This prayer will require registration which will be sent out by WhatsApp and email.

We ask for strict adherence to the rules. We will layer in additional prayers over time.

Rules for the time being:
1). Attendees must wear a mask at all times.
2). Physical Distancing of 6 feet at all times
3). A prayer rug must be brought from home to gain entry
4). Attendees will be asked to use hand sanitizer before entering
5). No handshaking or hugging, see point 2 above
6). The wudu area and water dispensers will not be available
7). Entry for adults only in this initial stage. Those 65 and above & those with compromised immune systems are asked to stay at home
8). Anyone who appears to be sick will need to refrain from attending or will be turned away
9). Fard prayer only, sunnah at home
10). ICYL will be open for short windows of time, 10-15 minutes for each prayer
11). Attendees may be checked for temperature
15) Gathering and socializing before and after prayers will be prohibited

Updates to the rules will be ongoing as needed.

Looking forward to seeing you.

The ICYL Team


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