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ICYL’s thanks to the community for a successful fundraiser

Dear Brothers, Sisters, and Respected Elders;

Assalam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahe Wa Barakatuhu,

The leadership team of the Islamic Center of Yorba Linda thanks Allah (SWT) for giving us the opportunity to get together last Sunday, February 25th for the fundraising dinner for our new masjid. It gave us all an opportunity to do something for our own good and for the Akhira. We thank all the scholars and speakers with a special thank you to Shaikh Monzer Talib for flying to Southern CA from Dallas to assist us in getting closer to our final target.

We would like to thank all the guests and donors who made the evening a successful one. Our appreciation goes out to over 50 volunteers, all of the committee members, and the committee leads. You all were awesome from the lead up all the way till the end of the evening. It would have been impossible to put this fundraiser together without your tireless help and support. The reality is, the whole community has been working towards this common goal to build the house of Allah (SWT). What an amazing job.

Alhumdulillah we raised nearly $700,000 in one evening! While we were not able to achieve our full goal, the amount raised was an amazing achievement. It is a testimony to our community and communities around us who came to support us, that we are united in noble causes. Our ultimate goal was $1.95M to complete the $4.9M purchase.

Our new goal, between now and March 22nd, is $400,000. We will then complete the total with Qard Hasna borrowing. If you’ve given already, please consider giving again. Do let others in your network of friends and family know. Asking for support for something so noble should not be considered a burden but rather as an opportunity to share in the Khair.

We are looking forward to dreaming big, planning well, and executing. We pray our new place is going to be a springboard to greater heights for our new community. A new ICYL, unencumbered by the past and only looking forward.

In order to achieve our collective goals, we will need continued support and input to make this a successful Islamic Center. Our goal is to make the new ICYL a place where the community will feel welcomed and a place where locals and people outside the community will look forward to visiting.

We will be sending out a survey about last Sunday’s fundraiser and we hope you will participate and help us improve for future events.

Again, thank you to everybody who attended and also to those who were not able to attend but still supported ICYL with their prayers and donations. We appreciate everyone coming together as one united ummah to strive towards our collective goal. The ICYL board is grateful to be able to serve the community.

Jazakallah Khair and Wasalaamu Alaikum

ICYL Community Announcement

Assalam Alaikum Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It is with great pleasure that we give you this wonderful news that Allah (SWT) has given each of us an opportunity to build His house that shall serve as a beacon of Light in the City of Yorba Linda/Anaheim Hills, California.

The foundation of what currently is Islamic Center of Yorba Linda (ICYL) was laid in 1997 when a generous brother donated part of his office space just for Taraveeh prayers.  Since then, the community has grown.  ICYL rented a two-story 5,000 square foot warehouse, serving Yorba Linda and the neighboring communities of Anaheim Hills, Brea, and Placentia for the last few years. The Islamic Center offered daily and Friday prayers, Sunday school for the youth, weekly activities for the sisters, Family Night, interfaith activities and much more.

In January 2017, the Islamic Center of Yorba Linda (ICYL) Board was informed by the landlord that the current lease will not be renewed past the September 2017 expiration.  Surely, Allah (SWT) works in mysterious ways as this lease termination has come as a blessing in disguise.

ICYL was able to secure and purchase a 3-acre parcel of land. The project to build a mosque on that property would take 3-4 years and Allah (SWT)  opened another door.

ICYL were able to find a church for sale in the heart of Yorba Linda. With the grace of Allah (SWT), we are able to get into escrow for this new property. This property is approximately 4 acres with an 18000 sf building which will become an immediate home for ICYL within few months. Inshallah.

The 4 year long waiting process will be over by the end of this year and we will move into a location that will fulfill the need of the community for generations to come with the huge potential for growth.

We have 45 days to close escrow and we are looking to raise $1.9 million immediately with the help of Allah (SWT).

We are organizing a fundraiser on the 25th of February and would like each and every single family to reach out and help get this amount raised. This is a challenge for all of us and also an amazing opportunity for the community at large.

Let’s reach out to each and everyone we know with this blessed news and secure their support for this beautiful cause.

With Allah’s guidance and your support, Inshallah, we will build an Islamic Center on this land where Muslims will unite, our youth who are our ambassadors of tomorrow will learn, our seniors will come for tranquility and pass on their wisdom to the next generation of Muslims and where all of us will come together in harmony and peace for one purpose:  To worship Allah (SWT), the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficent.

Brothers and Sisters, regardless of where we live, we can donate to this Islamic Center as founders and bricklayers to reap the rewards for generations to come.  May Allah (SWT) allow all of us, by opening our hearts and minds, to build His house: Inshallah, Allah will build a house for us in Jannah.

ICYL humbly requests your support and May Allah (SWT) open our hearts to donate generously.


Jazakallah Khair
May Allah accept and guide.

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