Breakfast Club

Club for those interested in making, sharing, and/or simply enjoying a diverse, hearty breakfast on Saturday mornings after Fajr and a short discussion.

Many members stay for about an hour after Fajr to socialize and enjoy breakfast.

The typical morning for an attendee is

  • Arrive early to pray 2 rakats of sunnah
  • Fajr in congregation
  • Halaqa or discussion as a group
  • Breakfast

Feel free to join us at any time that you can arrive.

The discussion topics will vary weekly and can include anything from: current events, modern applications of hadith, lessons from the companions, etc. The discussion usually opens up for anyone to contribute.

If you would like to drop off a dish, please do so after Fajr in the kitchen located in the multi-purpose room.

If you would like to volunteer, you can follow the group of volunteers that exits the room after Fajr. If you arrive late, you can simply go back to the kitchen area and ask any volunteer what they currently need help with. Help is appreciated in setting up tables and chairs, food preparation, serving, and cleaning up.

After the discussion in the main room is completed, those staying for breakfast come to the MPR to eat. We encourage you to sit next to people that you may not know, to be welcoming of everyone, and make new friends.

Contact [email protected] for more information